Thanksgiving Turkeys

Order your Thanksgiving bird this year through the Buying Club. 

Please read the below for more information on options available and how to reserve your turkey.


If you would like to order a Thanksgiving turkey, you must reserve one in advance. In order to reserve a turkey, please email by end of day, Wednesday November 15th with the following information:

  • Type of Turkey (see below)
  • Desired Weight Range
  • Payment Method
    • A FULL deposit is REQUIRED by end of day Friday November 17th. You can either pay via Venmo or we can arrange to meet in Rockaway. If you do not remit a deposit, your turkey will NOT be ordered. 

Turkey Selection

  • Certified Organic / Pasture Raised White Broad Breasted - $5.45/lb
  • Certified Organic / Pasture Raised Heritage Cross Breed - $5.95/lb
  • Pasture Raised Heritage Cross Breed - $4.90/lb
  • Pasture Raised White Broad Breasted - $4.50/lb

Broad Breasted White: Your typical commercial, most widely bred turkey. This turkey will be meaty & plump, with a large breast area. Broad breasted white has an excellent flavor profile.
Heritage Cross: This is a cross between a Spanish Black & Broad Breasted white. This is a slower growing turkey with a medium frame. The heritage cross will have a deeper flavor profile of a more traditional heritage birds but will also capitalize on meatiness of the Broad Breasted White. Since it takes longer for the heritage cross to get to slaughter weight it is a more expensive bird.

Organic turkey means: raised by a certified organic grower and the turkeys ate organic grains
Non-Organic: these birds ate non-organic grains

The birds are from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. They were purchased as poults (baby turkeys) and were kept indoors until they were big enough to move onto pasture. They were rotated on pasture throughout the season, meaning richer more flavorful meat. All birds were on pasture as soon as they were old enough and were able to handle temperature fluctuations.

If you have any questions, please email us at